La Garrotxa

land of volcanoes

Visit the magical land of volcanoes that have shaped the landscape and its people

La Garrotxa is a region which is situated in NE Catalunya, between l’Alt Empordà and El Ripollès, in the province of Girona, and which is subdivided in two quite different areas: the Alta (Upper) Garrotxa and the Baixa (Lower) Garrotxa. The natural space of the Alta Garrotxa shows us a rough landscape of deep and narrow valleys surrounded by escarpments and high rocky walls. In contrast, the Baixa Garrotxa is smooth and wet, the valleys are flat due to the volcanic activity and this has led to the development of the most important towns in the region, with Olot being its capital. The ‘Parc natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa (Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa) is the best example of volcanic landscape of the Iberian Peninsula and one of the most important in Europe. In 1982 it was declared ‘Natural Beauty Spot of National Interest with areas of Integral Reserves of Geobotanical Interest’. The park extends itself over an area of 12,000 hectares within which 38 volcano cones are found. The terrain is one of medium-high mountains and extends itself from the 200 meter-high situated village Castellfollit de la Roca to the 1100 meter-high Puigsallança, the highest point of the Finestres mountain range.

The Garrotxa is a natural area; the variety of its flora and fauna is extraordinary. The high rate of rainfall, the variety of substrates and differences in altitude and the orientation of the mountains are the reasons why one can find the most typical species of the Mediterranean flora as well as Central European and Atlantic vegetation assembled in a small area like this.

The region also presents an invaluable cultural heritage: medieval villages, Romanesque chapels, the Roman Road Capsacosta, among other things.



A privileged location in the pre-Pyrenees and the contrast between the Baixa Garrotxa and the Alta Garrotxa are reasons enough for a visit.

Olot, the capital, is a great starting point for visiting the medieval villages of Besalu and St. Paul, as well as the natural areas of Fageda d'en Jordà, the Santa Margarida volcano and the Croscat.

An exuberant nature to discover, from its must-visit charming villages to routes of medium or high difficulty in an unmatched landscape

Regional cuisine based on traditional recipes, creative and daring, which increase the culinary restlessness and curiosity that are typical of this area

La Garrotxa La Garrotxa La Garrotxa La Garrotxa

Discover, walk about, breathe in nature and the unmatched beauty of the villages awaiting you

La Garrotxa La Garrotxa La Garrotxa La Garrotxa

 Taste, experiment; let its amazing cuisine seduce you











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