a town with history

Visit the little Florence of Catalonia and get to know its history

Girona, located at the confluence of the rivers Ter, Fluvia, Onyar and Galligans, was in the origin of its founding a strategic enclave for the Romans. The Roman city’s population once reached about 2,000 people. After the fall of the Roman Empire and Muslim rule, the city surrendered to Charlemagne and was established as the capital of the county, reaching 10,000 inhabitants in the fifteenth century. During medieval times, suffered a sharp population decline due to the wars and sieges, and went from a manufacturing city to become a place of arms in wartime and in times of peace, a bulwark of the Church and the local aristocracy, that encouraged commercial trades; during this time Jews made an appearance in the city, leaving their footprint on the cultural, scientific and commercial development, they settled in the Jewish Quarter ‘Call Jueu’ which, with its narrow stone streets is an absolute must visit place. In the early nineteenth century, the Napoleonic invasion decreased the population by half, after a siege of 18 months. In the early twentieth century demographic, urban and commercial progress facilitated the cultural rise with representative figures of Modernism and of the posterior ‘Noucentisme’; Girona becomes the second cultural centre in Catalonia.

Today it is a must-see city, its tourism offer covers a wide range of possibilities, from cultural proposals (museum visits, theatre Festival ‘Temporada Alta’, Music, Flower festival ‘Temps de Flors’ in the month of May), to entertainment and gastronomy offers (the old city centre and Plaça de la Independència are the perfect places to have a drink or bite at any time, with deals for all budgets). Girona, located in the geographic centre of the province, is a great starting point to get to know the rest of the country, from the Costa Brava to the Pyrenees. You don’t want to miss this!

Sur la carte

Situated in the centre of the province, it is a magnificent starting point to visit it


‘Call Jueu’ and ‘el Barri Vell’ (the old neighbourhood), idyllic places to stroll around and get lost

Girona Girona Girona Girona

Walk around, discover, surprise yourself 

Girona Girona Girona Girona

The river Onyar, the town is decorated for the ‘Temps de Flors’ festival, the impressive cathedral and alleys invite you to enjoy


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