Ultra-light Flying

Fly over the Costa Brava for 1 person


The Aeroclub of L’Estartit (Costa Brava) was established in 1985, the year when a group of enthusiasts started their aviation activities.

It is situated in a privileged area at the foot of the mountain Montgrí, between the Medes and the mouth of the river Ter. It is is only a few minutes from the tourist centre of l’Estartit and 1.200 meters from the beach. Such privileged location allows you to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

It has a bar, a hangar where repairs and maintenance tasks necessary for the proper functioning of the aircrafts are carried out.

The flying club currently has 110 members. Most of them come from the pilot school that has been operating non-stop, every day of the year since 1991, the year the centre was officially homologated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

L’Estartit is 40km from Girona and Figueres, 70km from La Junquera and 140km from Barcelona

Content of pack

The experience includes:

- Flight initiation over Costa Brava for 15 minutes.

- Aeroprakt A22 aircraft or similar

- Experience for 1 person


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Ultra-light Flying

Fly over the Costa Brava for 1 person

55,00 €

Experience the sensation of flying over the Medes Islands and the river Ter, over the beaches of Pals and l’Estartit, over the massif of Montgrí, enjoying a flight along the central Costa Brava.

 Enjoy the thrill of piloting your own ultra-light craft.

fly ultra light craft in costa brava


One person.


Available all year round (if the weather allows it)


english, french, spanish, catalan


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