Terms of use

1 Definitions

Gift voucher: The voucher is composed of a check gift with the experience acquired on the web page that allows you to pay for the experience through a code needed to make the reservation. In the gift certificate is not the price of the gift experience. The gift voucher is an attachment to the email received immediately once completed the purchase process.
Contributor: it designates the borrower selected by 4inspiring that supplied the provision to the beneficiary.
Beneficiary: appoints the person check user gift.
Provision: it designates the service provided by the collaborator.
Parts: 4inspiring and the beneficiary designate.
Website: refers to the website http/www.4inspiring.com

2. Request of orders and conclusion of the contract

The beneficiary may request 4inspiring ® orders by the Web.
The orders through the Web application process involves the following steps:
The beneficiary selected in Web 4inspiring ® experience that want to buy and the number of units, as well as additional optional services of each experience, if it had them.

The beneficiary must complete the form with your data to be able to process the request; optionally you can register as a beneficiary if you want to keep track of your orders.
If you have a promotion code, you must be introduced after the selection to get him back to calculate the price.
Subsequently, it will facilitate data for shipment and, if different, the billing data. The beneficiary shall be responsible for the truthfulness of the personal data provided to face 4inspiring to process the order carried out.
"Click" on the "Continue" button will allow the beneficiary to register your order, subject to having expressly accepted the present general conditions of sale.
Then will be shown a summary of the order in which figure under a code made election, and the price of the 4inspiring ® experience selected, may be the necessary modifications before making "click" on the "Proceed to payment" button.
Finally, the recipient should enter the data of the credit card as means of payment (or Paypal).
The order will not be recorded until final validation, which will manifest itself with "click" on the button "Yes, I confirm the payment". However, contract will not definitely conclude until the acceptance of the payment by the Bank.
After the final validation of the order by 4inspiring, the beneficiary will receive an email of confirmation of your order summing up the whole of the elements relating to the same. Printing and/or retaining this email, the recipient will have a means of proof of your order.
If the beneficiary wishes to obtain an invoice, instructions for this will appear on the order confirmation email.

3. General conditions of use of the voucher 4inspiring

The provision of the service can only be performed after the introduction of the original gift voucher, samples or photocopies are not accepted in any case.
The service does not include transportation to the place in which provision of the services, except in the combination packs where explicitly specify in the description of the product the way included in the voucher.
The provision shall be subject to specific conditions of the collaborator and the corresponding legislation to the sector of activity of the partner. Be taken into account the specific constraints, especially to their age or physical condition of the beneficiaries that may limit the use of the bonus gift by the beneficiary. If not being able to use the gift voucher for these reasons, it is not regarded as discrimination; 4inspiring assumes no liability in this regard.
4inspiring not incur any responsibility for total or partial failure of one of their collaborators, however, 4inspiring will give the recipient the option of redemption of the bond gift.
The booking conditions of delivery, will be made by contacting the payee directly with the borrower, the contact and the way of doing, are detailed in each of the activities, in case of doubt, the beneficiary can please contact 4inspiring by e-mail the electronic info@4inspiring.com. 4inspiring will exclusively manage the reserves of experiences where expressly specified.
Peculiarities of combined trips: management and coordination of combined activities, corresponds to the borrower main activities, on the gift voucher, are exclusively the main borrower contact details. The beneficiary must be in contact with him, make reservations for different activities; in any case, always there will be a single contact that will manage the booking even if it is combined activities.


4 price and payment terms

The experiences of 4inspiring prices are published on the website and will be the valid at the time of placing the order. In the price of experience already this including VATS
Payment terms
The payment of the order placed on the website may be made by:
1. credit card (Visa card, MasterCard or 4B), indicating the cardholder, card number, control code and the expiration.
2. 4inspiring validate the payment order and once validated will proceed to shipment. 4inspiring guarantees the confidentiality and security of banking data provided by the beneficiary on the web.
3. Paypal

5 shipping and delivery

The shipment of the order is in electronic format and is produced automatically by e-mail once completed the purchase process. To ensure there are no errors in the sending email address, you will be prompted twice the email of the recipient in the buying process.


6 right of withdrawal

The beneficiary has a period of seven working days to exercise his right of withdrawal without it must mediate cause or face penalties: (return costs must be faced by the beneficiary). The deadline begins to run from the reception of the 4inspiring experience.

7 changes and returns

The change of experience 4inspiring on the other hand has no penalty. In the event of a change of experience than the beneficiary must pay the difference by bank transfer informing 4inspiring email; in the event of a change by a lower amount experience Empordà Inspira SC, will issue a voucher discount for the difference to use it for future purchases, management costs will be the beneficiary. The changes can be through Empordà Inspira SC, never through the different points of sale and shipping costs will be always at expense of the beneficiary.

8 customer service

Any request for information, especially in relation to the purchase, refund, change or checks performance gift, go to Empordà Inspira through our website http://www.4inspiring.com, email info@4inspiring.com, or by regular mail to the following address: EMPORDÀ INSPIRA, SC Serra de la Creu, n ° 3, 17467, Sant Mori (Girona).


His dedication to our clients makes us trust them